Amodit security


Keeping your data secure is our priority.

Amodit security


Keeping your data secure is our priority.


How we do it?

We have a team of experts to keep our strict security and privacy standards. Our internal rules and policies help us to be compliant with industry standards and requirements.

Data hosting


Microsoft Azure infrastructure hosted and managed in their secure data centers. Astrafox uses the platforms’ built-in security, redundancy, and privacy features.

Microsoft keeps monitoring data centers for security, performance, and compliance with industry standards.

We develop our solutions on a platform created using some of the most rigorous security and compliance standards in the world, accredited under:  ISO 27001, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC3, FedRAMP, HITRUST, MTCS, IRAP, and ENS.


Data that passes through Astrafox is encrypted in transit, all connections from the users’ computer to Amodit platform are encrypted using TLS SHA-256 with RSA encryption. We strongly require HTTPS for all communication. We use HSTS to force browsers talk to our servers only using HTTPS, in all internet browsers.

Security and Compliance


All employees sing a confidentiality agreement when signing an employment contract.

Reliability and redundancy

Our systems are based on geographically redundant both web servers and live replicated database engines to ensure high availability. We also have disaster recovery plans to provide business continuity using daily backups of data.


We limit internal access on a need-to-know basis, we train out employees on data handling and security, to make sure they keep your data secure and private.

Software development lifecycle


We are scanning our services for service interruptions, performance degradation and security vulnerabilities. Our engineers take immediate actions on incidents detection.

Software versioning

We have three stages in software development process: development, testing, and production. We thoroughly test our software to assure high quality and user experience. All new versions are being tested by our test department on both development and testing phases. We provide separate test servers for our internal development and for customers who need them. We also live test our testing phase software as out internal service is running on it, which enables us to detect and fix arising problems faster.

Software Quality

As the changes on software are completed, the code is being reviewed by head members of our programmers’ team.

Vulnerability Control

Mobile device security

We secure our employees computers using industry leading anti-malware and anti-virus software, controlling user rights, and forcing data encryption.

Vulnerability checking

We regularly check and update our systems with latest security patches. We also study security mailing lists, and automatically check our code for vulnerabilities.

Application Security

Login protection

As we need to collect your passwords, we strongly encrypt them using one way encryption. We can also provide two factor authentication using third party solutions.

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