AMODIT: support for all administrative processes

These days your business may be physically distributed, but your administrative support system doesn’t have to be.
Your administrative support system should only exist in one place: online. With the use of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) everyone who interacts with your AMODIT system is together in one administrative system. This yields immediate benefits by eliminating unnecessary communication delays and errors within your organization.

 With AMODIT you can see:

  • all the information related to a process
  • all the people associated with a process
  • the current stage of a process
  • blockages and bottlenecks (both for a particular case and for the process in general)

Ensuring access to real time information enables AMODIT users at all levels in your organization to react to quickly changing facts on the ground. AMODIT enables administrators to react to factual information and act accordingly; this is the key to success in normal times and is the key to business continuity in difficult times.

When businesses experience disruptions and threats to business continuity from natural disasters or pandemics AMODIT provides essential support. In the back office it is business as usual. AMODIT can facilitate any kind of process; correspondence, fleet management, contract creation, and contract signing to name just a few.

Do you want to work more effectively? Do you want to react to changes or problems quickly? AMODIT enables these and many other benefits!

Examples of administrative processes

Below are just some of the examples of how AMODIT has been used to improve administrative processes . You too can easily transfer processes to the system and enjoy efficiency gains of up to 40%.

Incoming correspondence

Outgoing correspondence

Registering and managing powers of attorney

Submitting requests to the Executive Board

Room reservations
Fleet management

Document archiving


Many more

Our customers

More than 50,000 users are already using the AMODIT platform from various sectors, such as finance, administration, retail chains, or other companies with a distributed organizational structure.