Use the AMODIT TrustCenter API to sign

documents electronically.


Are you preparing documents for signing

in your own IT system?


Would you like to send those documents

to be signed with legally binding signatures?

Use the AMODIT TrustCenter API to sign

documents electronically.


Are you preparing documents for signing

in your own IT system?


Would you like to send those documents

to be signed with legally binding signatures?

What is Amodit TrustCenter?

AMODIT TrustCenter is a cloud-based service that enables documents to be signed electronically such as agreements with contractors, subcontractors, partners, employees (e.g. various declarations), and managers.

This solution complies with the Act on Services and Electronic Identification of 2016 and the Regulation of the European Parliament 910/2014, known as the eIDAS Regulations, and other regulations regulating the technical aspects of electronic signatures.

You can integrate AMODIT TrustCenter by using a REST API for connections with CRM systems, ERP systems, and many other systems your company is using. A technical description of the functions is available here:

Thanks to this integration you have virtually immediate access to a proven tool for signing documents, while continuing to work in the IT system your organization knows and uses for the preparation and management of documents.

The key benefits of using the AMODIT TrustCenter API to sign documents electronically

Lower costs

Printing costs disappear, as well as costs for sending documents by traditional mail, and those of re-sending them in the case of corrections.


Comprehensive support for managing the entire document workflow process from preparation, review, to contract approval.


Time savings

Save time by being able to quickly make corrections and resend documents to be signed, with no need to print and re-send them by traditional mail.


Gain the ability to completely eliminate paper from your company’s workflows! (A typical SME sized company can save 0.5 million pages per year, which is about 20 trees!)


Immediate effect

Extend your IT system to immediately add functionality so that your employees can use the system they know to prepare documents for signing.


Sign a document from any device, at any time, and at any place in the world, without the need to purchase access or to create an account.

Simple, safe, and convenient contract signing

AMODIT Trust Center ensures that you and your partners can correctly and securely conclude contracts. No printing, no hard copy of the document, no manual initialing of all the pages, and no signed copy to return.

See how easy it is!

Here is an typical scenario for handling a contract signing process when your IT system is integrated with AMODIT TrustCenter.



Prepare a document for signing in your current system, and save it as a PDF. Enter the data for the other signers: name, surname, and e-mail address. (Additional options include: mobile phone number, company name, position.)



Define how the signers gain access to the document, e.g. using an SMS code. Next, decide what type of signature (as defined by the eIDAS regulations) to sign the document with. Finally, click the “Send for Signature” button, which uses the AMODIT TrustCenter API.



AMODIT TrustCenter then receives the document with the information about the signers, logins, and signing parameters. Our certificate confirming compliance with the original document is applied, which means that you have a guarantee that nothing in the document will change.

What are the next steps? What happens to the document?

4. AMODIT TrustCenter next informs the signers by e-mail that the document is ready to be signed. Each signer will receive a personalized link to the document in the AMODIT TrustCenter.

5. In accordance with the options set, the signers log in to AMODIT TrustCenter. No account is needed as logging in takes place, for example, through use of an SMS code. The signers then, via the document preview, familiarize themselves with the contents. Additionally, each signer can see the singing status of the other participants in the process.

6. When starting the signature process you can set options for which of the available signature types to use: simple signature, handwritten signature, SMS signature, handwritten signature with SMS confirmation, or PADES qualified signature (more information about signature types). Note: You may set the options to make only one signature type available, e.g. qualified signature.

7. While waiting for the signature process to complete, you can use the AMODIT TrustCenter API to check the current status, for example: who has already signed the document, or you can cancel the signature process, or add new signers.

8. When all the signers have signed the document, each of them receives an email informing them that the document has been signed, and with the signed version of the document attached to the message.

9. You can download the signed document to your IT system and store a copy there. You can also verify the signature, e.g. in Adobe Reader.

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