System supporting the legal department

Get the system you need to improve all legal processes.

AMODIT automates processes related to the acceptance of contracts, register of powers of attorney, handling notifications to the legal department, archiving of documents or any other. It also allows you to monitor processes, thanks to which the legal department has full and current information about the course of each process.

Do you want all processes in the company to become transparent? Do you want to have easy and quick access to them? No problem! Thanks to AMODIT you can create, modify and run processes without a long implementation, optimizing the workflow in your organization.

Examples of processes in the legal area

Discover the examples of AMODIT system usage in the legal area. You can easily transfer every process to the system and enjoy an increase in work efficiency by up to 40%.

Acceptance of contracts
Register of powers of attorney
Court letters
Register of contracts
Archiving of documents
Process monitoring
Procedures for signing contracts
Support for notifications to the legal department
Automatic numbering
Many other

Our customers

More than 50,000 users are already using the AMODIT platform from such industries as finance, administration, store chains or companies with a dispersed organizational structure.