AMODIT: the support system for your legal department

Get the system you need to organize and manage all your legal processes.

AMODIT automates processes such as the acceptance of contracts, registering powers of attorney, sending notifications to the legal department, archiving documents, and much more. With complete access to the most current information you can effectively monitor processes to find bottlenecks or blockages and then take action!

Do you want all the processes in your company to be well defined? Do you want to have quick and easy access to both the process definition and the information that flows through it? No problem! Thanks to AMODIT you can create, modify, and run processes without needing a lengthy development cycle. Start optimizing the workflows in your organization today!

Examples of legal processes

The AMODIT system is used in support of many legal processes. You can easily transfer all your processes to the system and enjoy an increase in work efficiency of up to 40%.


Accepting contracts

Registering powers of attorney


Court correspondence


Registering contracts

Archiving documents

Process monitoring
Procedures for signing contracts

Sending notifications to the legal department

Automatic numbering

Many more

Our customers

More than 50,000 users are already using the AMODIT platform from various sectors, such as finance, administration, retail chains, or other companies with a distributed organizational structure.