Electronic correspondence workflow

The Amodit system helps to ensure that the correspondence process is smooth, dynamic, and well organized.

Electronic correspondence workflow

Every organization, regardless of its size, has official correspondence – both internal and external. Delivery needs to be fast and efficient if we want to carry out our tasks effectively. Amodit ensures that correspondence workflows are dynamic and well organized.

Quick document registration 

Documents can be scanned in or sent by e-mail and the system will automatically register them in a correspondence log. This log no longer needs to be kept on a separate system or on the end users’ computers. Once the document is registered you have an easily accessible central correspondence log which provides quick document previews.

Incoming correspondence

An electronic workflow process for incoming correspondence helps by organizing its registration in a central location and then facilitating internal distribution within the organization. By automatically registering every document in the system you can quickly find any correspondence and check the status of cases automatically initiated by the correspondence.

Outgoing correspondence

The outgoing correspondence workflow supports your organization with document creation by enabling all departments to have access to the most current form of the document. Then, once there is ‘sign off’ on the document, it can be sent. Documents can be sent either via electronic means or physical documents. With physical documents the system supports label printing in various formats. In both cases there is a log kept of all outgoing correspondence.

Correspondence workflow paths

Every piece of correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, can be distributed to different people within your organization. AMODIT allows you to transfer correspondence quickly and easily between individuals or introduce automatic forwarding rules for different types of correspondence e.g. invoices to accounting, CVs to HR, contracts to the legal department.

Process monitoring

AMODIT enables management to have complete and up to date information concerning every process; e.g. how the process was initiated, who has taken part, actions taken, current stage, attached documents, pending approvals, etc. Within AMODIT all processes are transparent and accessible.


Automatic numbering

AMODIT can automatically assign any incoming or outgoing correspondence with a unique number in accordance with the numbering system used within your organization. This allows for continuity between the pre-AMODIT and AMODIT eras of your business, as well as uniqueness, transparency, and search-ability for the documents.

Correspondence workflow

Deploying the AMODIT platform and developing processes within it is easy; it does not create large future expenses because preparing processes and training employees is simple. Deploying the correspondence process, for example, is extremely simple.
The workflow of the correspondence process in the AMODIT system takes place in several stages. The first step is to register the correspondence, and the second is to attribute the document to a department or even a specific person with a department. (This can expand to 2 steps in large companies.)
In the next stage, the task is carried out, a response is given, the reply is accepted, and finally the document is sent and logged. If the message was a registered letter, a delivery confirmation or delivery failure notice could be received and recorded.
Every part of the process is archived. Everything is simple and efficient, and thanks to the AMODIT platform, it is transparent and dynamic.
The AMODIT platform learns from user actions with AI algorithms to predict the next step they might want to take in a process. This increases company efficiency by having the system make itself fit within your existing business processes rather than developers and consultants making your processes fit some more limited system. After you establish a process you can customize it by defining additional business rules with the built-in scripting language and over 200 functions. Thanks to these innovative solutions, processes like the correspondence workflow become fast, easy, and efficient.

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