Electronic correspondence workflow

The Amodit system helps to ensure that the correspondence workflow is smooth, dynamic and well organized.

Electronic correspondence workflow

Each organization, regardless of size, has official correspondence – internal and external. Its circulation should be efficient and fast if we want to effectively carry out tasks. Amodit system helps to ensure that the correspondence workflow is really dynamic and well organized.

Quick documents registration 

Just scan the document or send it by e-mail and it will be automatically registered in correspondence journal. You no longer need to have it in Excel and save scans on your computer. From now on you have an easily accessible central register of correspondence with a quick preview of documents.

Incoming correspondence

The electronic workflow of incoming correspondence will help to organize its registration and internal distribution in the organization. Each document will be registered in the system automatically. You can quickly find any correspondence or check the status.

Outgoing correspondence

The workflow of outgoing correspondence supports the organization in its creation, acceptance, and shipping. It allows you to print labels for envelopes in various formats.

Correspondence flow paths

Each correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, can pass through the hands of different people in the organization. AMODIT allows you to transfer your correspondence freely and quickly between persons or introducing forwarding rules for e.g. different types of correspondence.

Process monitoring

Management has full and current information about the course of each process. It is known who and at what stage, for example, keeps the document, how many documents are waiting for approval. In the system, all processes become transparent and access to them is easily available.


Automatic numbering

AMODIT can automatically transmit any registered incoming and outgoing correspondence unique number according to the pattern used in your organization. This will allow for continuity, uniqueness, and transparency of numbering and will facilitate searching letters or shipments in the system.

Correspondence workflow

Implementation of the AMODIT system is easy and does not generate further losses over time or complicated training and preparation of employees who will do it. The correspondence process itself is extremely simple.

The workflow of correspondence in the AMODIT system takes place in several stages. The first step is to register correspondence, attribution od the document – one or two steps, depending on the size of the company. In the next stage, the task is carried out – response is given, acceptance of the reply, sending documentation and entry in the register. Registration of receipt confirmation and archiving. Everything is simple and efficient, and thanks to the AMODIT system it is transparent and dynamic.

The system learns the user’s actions and algorithms, to then repeat, duplicate and apply it in practice, which facilitates work in the company. It is possible to define additional business rules which are based on form fields automate the workflow of documents. Thanks to innovative solutions, the correspondence flow becomes fast, easy and efficient.

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