Rapid business processes automation.

An artificial intelligence platform which

helps you discover and design optimal workflows.


Rapid business processes automation.

An artificial intelligence platform which helps you discover and design optimal workflows.

You decide which processes you want to automate

Discover exemplary solutions of the AMODIT system. You can easily transfer any business process to the system and enjoy an increase in work efficiency by up to 40%. 

Correspondence workflow

The workflow should be efficient and fast if you care about the effective implementation of tasks. AMODIT helps to ensure that the correspondence flow is smooth, dynamic and well organized.

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Documents archive

System gives the ability to easily maintain order in the documents and quick access to wanted information. This is an ideal proposition for companies that want to implement a secure archive of documents. 

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Contracts management

AMODIT allows for the electronic transfer of agreements using artificial intelligence: preparing contracts, ready-made templates, approval, procedures for signing contracts, archiving and reminders.

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Signing of contracts

Innovative contract signing module will solve the problem of efficient contract management in a secure, legally binding way. Additionally, it will shorten the process to several minutes and lower the costs.

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AMODIT automates your processes

Create, modify and run processes without a long and expensive implementation. AMODIT is an easy to use processing platform for users and developers, which ensures the efficient execution of daily tasks, and order in documents. Forget about long and expensive implementations.

Quick implementation
AMODIT is a SaaS platform that learns from you. Register now and automate all your processes. AMODIT implementation is easy and fast
Process templates
A lot of common workflow processes require templates like expense reports. We have templates ready.
Ease of use

You name the steps of the workflow and the fields on the forms, AMODIT has artificial intelligence that helps improve the process.

Real time intelligence

Based on the content of your documents and previous decisions, AMODIT suggests the next steps of your workflow.


Connect easily to ERP/CRM (SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft) we have an open API for easy integrations with any system.

Intelligent Data Capture

Built-in OCR intelligence enables users to extract content from scanned documents. AMODIT recognizes invoice No, PO No, line item, customer name and many more.

Check all areas that AMODIT can improve in your organization

Over 50 000 users already use AMODIT.

We have created an easy to use workflow, requiring no technical knowledge with instant start. Try our innovative approach. AMODIT uses artificial intelligence for modeling information flows and predicting user behavior. As a result, workflow processes can be easily and quickly started regardless of the size of the company and the number of processes. AMODIT adapts to your needs and does not require the installation of additional components.

Using AMODIT’s process templates you can quickly launch the most common workflows such as expense report approvals, payment approvals, purchase orders, purchase requisitions, travel expense approvals, PTO approvals, employee onboarding processes, internal collaboration, archiving documents.


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Is AMODIT is a solution for you? Yes, if …

You are CEO and you need reliable information and you want everything to work like in a Swiss watch.

You deal with accounting, documents are incorrectly described, they don’t flow on time and costs of administration are growing.

You deal with human resources, you have more and more documents, applications and you still lack time.

You work in the legal department and you have more and more agreements and other legal inquiries.

Discover transparent document workflow

AMODIT will allow you to easily search and organize your document workflow in the first few weeks.

ALL workflows – ONE tool

AMODIT is quick to implement and easy to use. The system can learn from users and recommend the next step in the process. Build in artificial intelligence helps to define a process in a quick and accurate way. RAPIDLY automate your processes and save MONEY.

Amodit is being used by every vertical and every department

Financials, Healthcare, Education, Technology, Government, HR, Admin, IT, Finance, Legal, Procurement, Sales, Marketing. AMODIT’s templates are ready to use. Get started now!

Implement AMODIT in a few days. It is possible!

Most workflow tools require costly analysis and lengthy developments. The end result often differs from the requirements, which can cause further costs associated with the implementation.

AMODIT performs analysis automatically. The system learns from the users and automatically adjusts the process diagrams. This saves time and money.

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Find out how our multifunctional platform works in companies, regardless of the subject or the number of their business processes supported. Quick implementation, flexibility and easy optimization of entrusted tasks put AMODIT among the best products available on the market.

PWN Group

„AMODIT implementation significantly improved the management of information flow, which is an important qualitative change in the business activity of the PWN Group.”

– Ewa Szulc

Head of Administration


„The system in a simple and transparent way gives business processes a structured form, which improves the work of the whole company.”

– Kamil Magnucki

IT SAP Competency Manager


„There are not many systems on the market which allow the user to intuitively and flexibly adapt the process to individual needs.”

– Emil Czupajło

Chief Financial Officer