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AMODIT is an artificial intelligence platform that helps discover and design optimal workflows.

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AMODIT is a SaaS platform that learns from you. Register now and automate all your processes.

Process templates

A lot of common workflow processes require templates like expense reports or PTO approvals. We have templates ready.

Ease of use

You name the steps of the workflow and the fields on the forms, AMODIT has artificial intelligence that helps improve the process.

Real time intelligence

Based on the content of your documents and previous decisions AMODIT suggests the next steps of your workflow.


Connect easily to ERP/CRM (SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft) we have an open API for easy integrations with any system.

Intelligent Data Capture

Built-in OCR intelligence enables users to extract content from scanned documents. AMODIT recognizes invoice No, PO No, line item, customer name and many more.


Purchase requisitions workflow

All businesses require a management tool for purchase approvals. If you are an end user or manager you can use AMODIT for planning, reviewing and approving purchases in easy and safe way.

  • Flexible forms, definable fields, flexible approval paths
  • Multiple documents can be attached to a single process which can be fully integrated with your ERP or CRM
  • One purchase requisition can be distributed and approved by multiple departments, including external users
  • Uses OCR to recognize data fields on an invoice like a PO number or a line item

New employee onboarding process

Control all onboarding to-dos for all your hires. AMODIT automates and simplifies complex onboarding forms and processes to increase employee onboarding efficiency.

  • Vefiry I-9 forms for all new employees and managers,
  • Create task lists for new hires and current employees for IT, finance, management
  • Automate processes around sending required tax credit forms, seting pay rates and ranges and HR forms,
  • Integrations with SAP HR and other ERPs

PTO approvals

AMODIT simplifies the PTO request and approval process for managers and employees.

  • Including time off policy
  • Real time single view of PTO calendar
  • Automatic suggestions according to organization hierarchy
  • Delegating and defining approval paths
  • API ready for updating your HR system

ALL workflows - ONE tool

AMODIT is quick to implement and easy to use. AMODIT can learn from users and suggest your next step in the process.
Build in artifitial intelligence helps you define your process in a quick and accurate way. RAPIDLY automate your processes and save MONEY.

AMODIT is being used by every vertical and every department.

Financials, Healthcare, Education, Technology, Goverment.
HR, Admin, IT, Finance, Legal, Procurement, Sales, Marketing. AMODIT's templates are ready to use. Get started now!

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Most workflow tools require costly analysis and lenghty developments. The end result often deviates from the requirements, which can cause further costs associated with the implementation.
AMODIT performs analysis automatically. The system learns from the users and automatically adjusts the process diagrams. This saves time and money.

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