In complex modern workplaces companies cooperate with many other partners and individual subcontractors. To facilitate this cooperation a new feature, granting temporary access to cases for external users, was introduced in version 2019.0002. This feature enables people who do not have an AMODIT account to have access to cases to whatever extent you define. Permissions can be set regarding access duration, materials, stages, etc. You define the extent necessary to complete the form and forward the case. As this access is temporary and granted only on a case by case basis you don’t have to worry about lingering privileges or escalation of privileges.

What are some potential scenarios for granting temporary access?
  1. During recruitment a company wants recruits to enter data necessary for the recruitment process.
  2. In order to conduct an internal contractor assessment process before singing a contract, a potential new contractor might need to enter data.
  3. To occasionally obtain legal opinions from external lawyers the company might want to grant temporary access rather than create a permanent account.
  4. Other types of expert opinions or appraisals might be required occasionally.
  5. Inquiries from potential suppliers can be directed into your company’s process so that costs are entered in an unambiguous format which aids your analysis.

The common element in the scenarios outlined above is the need to enter information into AMODIT by someone outside your organization. Until now, the only option was for such a person to send an email. This option, however, does not require them to enter specific data, and the data might be formatted or presented in a confusing manner. Now, by using the temporary access function, you can share the form (case) with a person who does not have an AMODIT account and ask them to complete and submit it.

The process creator can specify:
  • what stage(s) the temporary access is granted for,
  • who it is granted to,
  • the access duration,
  • which elements of the case will be available to that person (By default only the form is accessible, but access can be granted to other things: e.g. documents, comments, related issues, case history, etc.),
  • which fields will be available and which are required,
  • the specific actions which occur when the ‘submit’ button is clicked.

Granting temporary access is a great benefit to organizations because it standardizes your communications with external entities. The process runs smoothly, on time, and with data verified by the same process rules you would normally have in place. And, because the data is entered directly into your system, it is immediately available for use.

Granting temporary access is also a great way to ensure smooth cooperation with contractors or others in a B2B relationship because it ensures that the scope of work and any associated deadlines are well defined.

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