Efficient internal communication in a company is essential in all of its departments. Communication is needed to manage work, control progress, and plan strategies effectively. Employees need to be able to ask questions, and receive direct answers which enable them act efficiently and effectively. To facilitate and speed up internal communications we have introduced a feature that facilitates the exchange of information between AMODIT Users.

Working on a specific case often requires more extensive information than is usually obtained from going through the steps of process and filling in the forms. In many situations, we need to ask someone for an opinion, explanation, or to provide details about the case being processed, but we do not want to change the case status. To confer with your coworkers in a more flexible ‘ad hoc’ manner (i.e. without a formal opinion gathering stage) you can direct a comment on a case to specific people.

To refer to a person in a comment you enter the @ symbol and selecting their name from the list.

The user who was mentioned in the case will see a new message notification in the top bar, next to the comment icon. They will also see the number of comments they were mentioned in. When a user clicks on the comment icon, the complete list will expand.

To reply to a comment the user can click on the title of the case. The user will be transferred directly to the case, where they will be able to review the materials, read the full case chat, and  answer the question for the other process participants.

Efficient internal communication plays an important role in companies. It allows employees to share the knowledge, feedback, and instructions that are necessary for tasks to be carried out and for goals to be achieved.

We implemented these commenting features in response to comments from our users. Try out a Free AMODIT Demo.

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