Electronic contracts management

The AMODIT allows electronic workflow of agreements using artificial intelligence. Preparing contracts, approval, signing, archiving and reminders.

Electronic contracts management

Our multifunctional platform is ideal for companies independently from the object of their activities or the number of supported processes. Fast implementation, with the flexibility and easy optimization of entrusted tasks, puts our system among the best products available on the market to support workflow.


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Electronic contracts workflow

The AMODIT system, with artificial intelligence, is a platform that was created to allow employees to rapid contract processing. The platform helps prepare agreements, approve them, sign and archive them. This system is one of the market leaders in the field of improving workflow support.

This is thanks to its many features: including a fast implementation process, flexibility and easy optimization of tasks. AMODIT is a document or contract workflow system for creating personalized processes. It is distinguished by a unique learning function whereby the more often a user uses the system, the more it adapts to the company’s internal processes. This makes the contract processing more efficient.

The AMODIT system features fast and smooth flow of information, thanks to this, processing electronic documents is becoming more and more popular. This system has over 50 000 users from various industries, such as finance or administration. AMODIT is based on artificial intelligence, all this to improve the work of companies using the system. Electronic contracts workflow improves the management of information flow without the need for a long and expensive implementation.

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