Electronic documents archive

AMODIT facilitates the process of archiving documents. It provides transparency and allows quick access to the desired information.

Electronic documents archive

Companies inherently produce a large amount of documentation. Businesses need internal documents, such as contracts with employees, product and cash flow, as well as external documents regarding transactions with contractors. All these documents need to be stored carefully, observing the time specified in the regulations. It is extremely important to ensure that they can be quickly retrieved and protected from unauthorized access. The ideal solution is an electronic document archive. Nowadays, many documents between enterprises are provided in electronic form, therefore archiving documents within the company should also be a high priority. AMODIT is the perfect solution for companies wishing to employ a secure documents archive.


Paper and electronic documents

Scanning paper documents or reading electronic documents from e-mail and other sources from now on, it’s no problem. Forms with meta-data, dictionary data, categorization, etc.

Document scanning

All you need to do is scan your documents or send them via email, and they will be automatically registered. Each of the authorized persons will gain easy and quick access to them.


Rules and permissions

You can freely define rules that automate work, reminders of dates and ranges of access. In the system, the processes become transparent and access to them is easy.



The system stores the full history of changes to each document, process or field, you can monitor everything. You have immediate access to current and archived documents.

Search and access from mobile devices

You can define the permission and rules for access to documents. You can also search for current and archived documents.


The system reads and generates bar codes. Scanned documents can be automatically divided by codes.

Electronic documents archive

AMODIT is an electronic document archive designed to store important documentation within companies. Classical archiving is essential, but at the same time, it can cause many difficulties. All documents should be accurately labelled, organized and stored appropriately. Access to archived data should be easy, in order to quickly retrieve the needed when needed. AMODIT was created to facilitate the archiving process. The user specifies the procedures in the system, it remembers and independently implements in relation to a given document. The system enables easy organization; it also facilitates easy and quick access to wanted information.

How does it work? It’s very simple, you just need to scan or email the required document and it’s immediately registered in the system. All authorized users have access to it and they can use the archived data at any time. Thanks to this, each company will facilitate the storage of accounting documents, personal data or various contracts. Implementation of the AMODIT system will make archiving documents in the company will cease to be a labor-intensive and time-consuming process.


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