Electronic document archive

AMODIT facilitates the process of archiving documents. It provides transparency and allows quick access to the information you are searching for.

Electronic document archive

Companies inherently produce a large amount of documentation. Businesses need both internal documents, (such as: contracts with employees, product information, and cash flow statements) as well as external documents (such as: contracts with clients, suppliers, and sub-contractors). All these documents need to be carefully stored, and in some cases, there are statutory requirements to be met regarding the archival period. Also, it is extremely important to ensure that all your documents are protected against unauthorized access and can be quickly retrieved. The ideal solution is an electronic document archive. Nowadays, many documents sent between companies are in electronic form, therefore an electronic document archive should also be a high priority. AMODIT is the perfect solution for companies wishing to deploy a secure document archive.


Paper and electronic documents

Scanning paper documents into electronic formats or automatically entering electronic documents from e-mail and other sources will become standard operating procedures when you start using AMODIT.

Document scanning

All you need to do is scan your documents or send them via email, and they will be automatically registered. New cases are assigned to the appropriate people and document authorization is granted.


Rules and permissions

You can define rules that govern work with each kind of document. In AMODIT the rules are transparent and the use of access permissions is a core system concept.



The system stores the full history of changes to every document, process, or field; everything is logged. You have immediate access to the most current form of a document and the archived versions of documents.

Search and access from mobile devices

Amodit functions on mobile devices in the same way as on laptop and desktop. All of the same functionality is available to you wherever you are. 


The system reads and generates barcodes for documents. Scanned documents can be automatically divided by codes.

Electronic document archive

AMODIT is built from the ground up on a group of design principles. Two of the main principles are: linking documents to processes and, logging all changes to elements of the system. In this sense, AMODIT archives itself. With such a secure foundation, building and managing an electronic document archive emerges as a core feature of the AMODIT platform.

What about physical documents?
Physical documents, especially when the original document is from some external organization, often must be archived for legal reasons. To support this AMODIT has OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and bar code functionality (both reading and printing) built-in.
Electronic documents sent by email can be automatically associated with a specific case or process, but physical documents require a few additional steps; scanning and generating bar codes. Once a document is scanned a bar code can be electronically added to that file and the same bar code printed on a label and added to the physical document or folder. Once you have a scan in the system it can pass through your workflow to OCR and/or data entry personnel, or people can simply interact with the document in, for example, PDF or PDF/A format.


How do I find documents?
There are 3 main ways. The first is the fact that all documents in AMODIT have a unique ID. The second is case numbers; documents that come into AMODIT from external sources can be configured to generate a new case in a workflow process or to be added to an existing case. Once associated with a case or archival process you also have the added benefit of access control as defined in that process. The third and most powerful method of finding documents is, of course, key word search. Depending on the level of digitization of the scanned documents you have more powerful search options; it is here that OCR shows its true strength.

Where do I keep my documents?
Two more benefits of using AMODIT as an electronic document archive are: All your electronic documents are accessible in one place: online. All your physical documents can stay where they were generated or received. If your organization has a distributed structure you probably send and receive many documents. This has costs and risks associated with it; the obvious costs of processing and sending documents, and the risks of losing, misfiling, and destroying documents.

Finally, business rules, which can be added to any process definition, can turn your passive archive into an active resource. For example: a contract archive that tells you when a termination date is approaching and initiates a process to renegotiate or renew that contract.

When is an archive more than an archive? When it’s AMODIT!

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