AMODIT: ultimate customizability

Customization is one of AMODIT’s core strengths. Customization can be achieved via two main methods: AI Prediction and Coded Rules.

AI Prediction

AMODIT can be run in a free mode which allows you to observe how users send documents and make decisions. After running in free mode for some time the system is able to make suggestions about what to do next with a particular document while in a particular process. Once you have the outlines of your process recorded via this method you can proceed to the more ‘traditional’ method, coded rules.


Coded Rules

AMODIT has forms, fields, process stages, functions, and more. AMODIT’s scripting language has over 200 functions which can interact with these forms, fields, stages, users, etc. to support processes of as much complexity as you desire.

Through the combination of these two methods you get ‘the best of both worlds’, quick set up even in complex environments, and ultimate control over every detail. As your needs change or your desire for more control increases you can iterate this process to continue your optimization.

Regardless of whether your organization has 10 or 10,000 people, AMODIT can help your organization solve your information control and process design problems for any type of business and any kind of process.

Examples of custom processes

Here are a selection of examples of customized AMODIT processes that have been deployed in the production environments of our customers.


Menu approval for restaurants chains

Creditworthiness analysis
Sale and purchase agreement

Corrective notes

Vehicle release procedures

Adoption programs

Settlement of scrap storage

Messaging Systems


Internal communication


Special order processing for key clients

Temporary credit card interest rate change orders


Many more

Our customers

More than 50,000 users are already using the AMODIT platform from various sectors, such as finance, administration, retail chains, or other companies with a distributed organizational structure.