System supporting custom area

Get a system that will allow you to create and run processes tailored to your individual needs. The implementation of the AMODIT system is extremely easy and fast, and usage does not require training.

Regardless of whether your company employs 10 or 10,000 people, AMODIT helps organizations of all sizes solving their problems with the workflow of information and documents from each business area and supporting any processes.

Examples of custom processes

Discover the examples of unusual processes of the AMODIT system that have been implemented at our Customers.

Approval of the menu
Creditworthiness analysis
Sale and purchase agreement
Corrective note
Procedure for vehicle release
Adaptation program
Settlement of the scrap storage
System that leaves messages
Internal communication in the company
Handling of special orders for key clients
Order to temporary change of interest on credit cards
Many other

Our customers

More than 50,000 users are already using the AMODIT platform from such industries as finance, administration, store chains or companies with a dispersed organizational structure.