Introducing electronic document workflows within a company or institution brings a number of benefits. Find out how you can improve the operational efficiency and security of your organization.

Information systems are used in all areas of life these days. Most often, however, businesses, large institutions, and educational institutions lead the adoption of new technologies because the effects of systematic change on these large organizations are most noticeable. The savings, the improvements to performance, and in the case of businesses the competitive advantages, that can be obtained from new technologies are enormous. The adoption of electronic document workflows is another step in technological development that simplifies and organizes our collaboration on complex tasks.

Save time and money

Working with a large number of physical documents takes a lot of time. Collecting, organizing, and distributing paper documents requires employees whose sole function is administrating this process. These additional costs scale proportionally with the size of your operations.

By using software specifically designed for electronic workflows the amount of time needed to process documents and the number of people involved in the process is greatly reduced. Using this technology automatically gives you the additional benefit of guaranteeing that all the information provided is up to date; you will not need to spend time and money on additional verification steps.

Electronic document workflow systems provide quick and easy access to documents. This significantly improves efficiency by eliminating problems with finding important documents. With this basic obstacle removed the implementation of standardized processes in organizations is much easier. Documents can be sorted in the system with a key that you define, or searched for based on e.g. name or batch number. Thanks to this, finding a VAT invoice, vacation application, or a contract proposal from two years ago takes only a few moments.

Electronic document workflows are perfect for organizations that have many branches. Immediately after deployment document transfer times between branches go from days or weeks to nearly instantaneous. Compared to the traditional form of document exchange this is a massive improvement.

This type of software also takes us one step closer to the vision of a ‘paperless office’, and helps to protect the environment by reducing the consumption of paper and printer products. The more data we store online, the better for our bank accounts and environment.

Increase security

An important benefit of implementing electronic document workflows is the increased security of the data processed within your organization. The system controls access to information and only grants access to those who are properly authorized. Thanks to this you can be sure that confidential information, often crucial to companies or institutions, will not fall into the wrong hands.

Human error is a huge problem for organizations when processing documents. When important documents are stored in physical form, even with very meticulous archiving, there is a risk that some will be misfiled and others will not be archived at all; in the case of large archives this basically results in documents being lost forever.

An even more serious threat is the destruction of documents. While a coffee spill into one folder or cabinet  is unlikely to threaten the survival of your company, the loss of all documentation as the result of a fire or flood can have tragic consequences – in extreme cases this can even bankrupt your company. With electronic document workflows all the data relevant to the continued functioning of your organization will be secured and backed up in case of disaster.

Implementing electronic document workflows significantly optimizes all the processes in your organization. It is an investment that pays dividends each year through the reduction of administrative expenses. It also contributes to increasing security and improving data flow, which in the information age is a key trait in any organization.

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