Have you noticed any of the following problems in your organization?

  • problems with information flow
  • a large number of user errors: omissions, unmet obligations, document loss
  • employees being heavily burdened with simple activities
  • the time needed to make decisions is increasing

If your goals are to increase work efficiency and to streamline both information flow and document management, then the AMODIT Platform is the perfect solution for your organization.

Benefits for organizations
  • Organizing the flow of information and documents
  • Lowering tax risks (Which is understood here as lowering the risk of error, irregularity, or delay, which in turn exposes the taxpayer to potential penalties such as, tax arrears and related interest and other possible penalties.)
  • Shortening the completion time for cases; which leads to improved financial liquidity and increased creditworthiness
  • Increased work efficiency through the elimination of unnecessary activities and through enabling access to documents via search functionality
  • Improving the quality of business decisions through access to complete and current information, e.g. a decision to sign a contract, via having insight into the full history of the amendment and acceptance process of the contract’s text
  • Reducing the costs of implementing and maintaining an electronic document workflow system by:
    • minimizing or eliminating the analysis and design stage for processes
    • limiting to a minimum or even eliminating the user training thanks to: a) an extremely simple and intuitive user interface and, b) uniform principles for handling cases (layout and location of buttons, convenient forms, handy multi-functional side panel)
    • shortening the time between your decision to implement a process and receiving the benefits of your improved workflow
    • by enabling business users who have no formal IT training to create and/or modify processes
    • by quick integration with external systems thanks to built-in dictionary synchronization mechanisms and a rich API interface
Process improvement

AMODIT provides virtually unlimited reporting possibilities, which in turn enable the continuous improvement of processes and the continuous improvement of efficiency within your organization:

  • Visualization of the paths for all cases and for all processes with “bottleneck” information via the comparison of average completion times for individual steps to the times for a specific case
  • Analysis of the slowest/fastest cases/participants/stages
  • Built-in generator for statements and reports with access to all the dynamically defined form fields and their data
  • Automatic creation of SQL reports/queries which enables the extension of analysis through the use of external enterprise reporting systems
  • Export to Excel files of any reports created in AMODIT

AMODIT provides complete security for stored and shared information by meeting the GIODO, and other, safety requirements:

  • Access only for users with an active account on the AMODIT Platform
  • Requirement for unique usernames
  • Administrator authorization (acceptance) for each new account
  • Easy integration with Active Directory and ongoing synchronization.
  • Password strength control (requiring the use of character combinations)
  • Password age control (requiring regular change)
  • Account blocking after several attempts to enter an incorrect password
  • Access to the application through the use of a 128 bit SSL encryption key
  • Logging data changes in the process with the time and the user who entered the data
  • Logging each user login and logout
  • Permission control possible for individual fields and sections of forms
  • Authentication is performed on the server side
  • Authentication for all parties that require it
  • Session management after user logout
  • No sensitive data is stored in cookies
  • The system does not send sensitive data as a URL parameter
  • Resistance to attacks (XSS, SQLInjection)

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