A distributed company, but not falling apart. Amodit supports business operations during the recession.

This period of public quarantine poses new challenges for business. AmRest efficiently implements back office processes using the Amodit platform.

During quarantine restrictions due to SARS-CoV-2, many companies decided on remote work. In this way companies protect the well-being of their employees and clients, while ensuring business continuity. AmRest, which operates over 550 premises under the KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Burger King brands in Poland, made the same decision. Despite the sudden changes in operations – both in the offices and  in individual restaurants – the company still carries out back office operations thanks to the IT solutions they have implemented.

Business as usual in the back office

On Saturday, March 14, regulations came into force restricting the operations of a range of public places, including bars, cafes, restaurants, and clubs. The regulations, however, allow sales to be continued at restaurants which offer food for take-out or delivery. This is the business model that the restaurants from the AmRest portfolio, and others, are currently operating in.

Despite a significant change in the current mode of operation, the processes supporting AmRest are still functioning. The IT, HR, Accounting, and Marketing departments are all working remotely in a distributed mode by using the Amodit business process management platform implemented in 2014. – ‘The platform handles restaurant correspondence, vacation requests, business trips, settlements, menu management, and fixed asset management, as well as other matters such as contract processing for the Legal Department and other smaller processes.’ – says Kamil Magnucki, IT SAP Competency Manager. – ‘At the time of our initial deployment we started with four processes, and now there are over 70 production processes supporting various areas of the company’s operations.’- adds an AmRest representative.

A digital environment supports remote work

The deployment of the Amodit system significantly accelerated the digitization process in AmRest. The company has streamlined business processes, and many activities that used to be performed manually or semi-automatically have been transferred to this virtual environment. Employees gained the ability to easily track the status of individual cases and thus limited the number of emails exchanged. An average of 3,000 people use the platform every month, and this number is gradually increasing. – ‘The Amodit platform is an extremely intuitive tool, and thanks to this users have quickly learned to use it. At this point the use of workflows has become as natural as using email.’ – says Kamil Magnucki, IT SAP Competency Manager. – ‘The tool is available on mobile devices (through a browser), which greatly facilitates work in the current circumstances.’ – emphasizes Kamil Magnucki.

– ‘In a situation where a company is forced to operate in a distributed mode, the automation of workflows effectively supports remote work, and brings real business benefits. A coherent digital work environment is of fundamental importance in improving the working conditions of employees, especially when working in a home office mode is new to them.’ – comments Przemysław Sołdacki, CEO of Amodit. – ‘It is the processes that are implemented with the help of IT solutions that will allow many companies to maintain business continuity, if not in full, at least in part.’ – sums up the CEO Amodit.

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