AMODIT is an intelligent document management system. This intelligent platform was designed to significantly optimize the handling of documentation in large organizations.

Amodit makes the following tasks simpler:

  • receiving documents
  • organizing and analyzing information
  • ensuring access to information
  • preparing reports of pertinent information

The system allows you to quickly search for the desired files and manage documents much more efficiently compared to ‘traditional’ methods. Minimizing the costs associated with managing an organization’s documents and increasing the accuracy and availability of information yields optimizations in every related area. For example, better information about costs and incomes, and better knowledge of tax processes leads to the optimization of tax statements in two ways; lower risk of errors and better attribution of costs.

A practical document management system

From its inception AMODIT was able to view files in many formats, such as: PDF, HTML, those supported by MS Word, and graphic programs. This simple ability to work with a broad diversity of documents within one program allows for workflows of increased complexity. For example, working with invoices, holiday requests, and contract terms within one workflow process; this allows you to know exactly when all your employees are on vacation, and how that will affect payments and expected productivity for the rest of the year. Without a unifying document management system this kind of analysis is very difficult or even impossible. Amodit’s simplicity enables your complexity.

Amodit is continually simplifying your access to documents. For example, the 2018.0004 release introduced a completely new mechanism for generating previews of scanned and analyzed documents. Display quality was improved, MS Excel and MS Power Point files support was enabled, and managing file versions was added. As a result user access to documents became simpler and faster, therefore user behavior could become more complex.

Savings through simplicity

Amodit’s goal is continually introduce changes that lead to significant improvements in your workflows. Some of these issues are technical, such as enabling more document formats, but other issues are more user centered, such as simplifying the user interface. By making the interface more intuitive for users we can also enable more complexity from users. And, if no more complexity is required, simplicity results in another highly desirable outcome: increased productivity.

By utilizing a paired approach of increasing functionality/amenities, and simplifying access/control the AMODIT document management system is continually striving to become the perfect tool for both workers and management.

Thanks to the Amodit platform users can collaborate to complete tasks every day that require access to huge amounts of documentation. These tasks would be impractical or would require too long to accomplish without Amodit.

The result is clear, continual simplification equals continual optimization, and in the end, real savings in both time and expense.

If you would like to see how you can simplify and optimize your business processes register a free demo version of Amodit.

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