With paper based workflows every department usually has their own forms and much data is entered repeatedly in slightly different formats.

Sections are a great way for electronic document workflows to unify these separate forms, and for departments to concentrate on gathering the information that is most important to them. This approach eliminates many errors and makes data more accessible.

Sections: Features

You can control the access to sections (and the elements they contain) by settings and rules. A section could be completely hidden, read only, or editable. This setting can be controlled by such factors as user ID, stage, or some entry on a different part of the form.

Sections: Appearance

Sections can be presented as ‘tabs’ or as ‘lines’. When presented as ‘tabs’ you can see many tabs at once and click on the one you need. When presented as ‘lines’, sections have expanded and collapsed views. Depending on the data being displayed one view or the other could be better suited to your needs.

For example, if you were presenting an employee’s data you might have only a few sections; so a tabbed approach might be better. That way a user could navigate very quickly between sections if they need to.

However, a complex process with many sections might be too cluttered when displayed with tabs; so ‘line’ sections might work better. For example, one section could be expanded by default on a particular stage, while the other sections are collapsed. Each line displays a section name so and you can click on one to expand it.

Sections: E-signatures

Another element that can be included in each section is an e-signature. Amodit users that have accounts created and confirmed by an administrator, can ‘click to confirm’ to effectively sign documents or confirm completion of tasks. You can extend this functionality to external users by using the ‘grant temporary access’ function; in this way an external user can also ‘click to confirm’. Sections are a great way to control access to information for these external users.

However, if you don’t want to use this method for e-signatures you can use Amodit Trust Center for signing entire documents. For more about Amodit Trust Center e-signatures click here.

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