Companies that have fully digitized their workflows are more able to adapt in adverse economic conditions than large entities where digitization is less advanced. Although the Polish economy has suffered in recent weeks, there are market segments and industries that continue to operate efficiently and without downtime. Meetings have been moved to the network, companies have their own messaging servers, and centralized company systems provide continuous access to client and project information. Those companies which are weathering this change the best are largely doing so thanks to the introduction of remote work practices and digital tools, e.g. platforms which support business processes. Solutions which enable efficient electronic document workflows are crucial to securing business continuity in the event of a prolonged isolation order which forces companies to operate in ‘distributed mode’.

E-signatures for everyone

Artgeist, a Polish company which was founded in 2004, has two key assets, a passion for decorating interiors, and global reach. Today, Artgeist, under the bimago brandname, operates worldwide through online stores. Bimago offers its customers wall decorations: wallpaper, photo wallpaper, printed images, posters, and decorative screens. Earlier this year they completed a smooth transition to a contract workflow with e-signatures solution on the Amodit platform. ‘We were all aware that we should take the next step in our digitization process, and so we were ready to implement an electronic contract signing system.’ – said Artgeist’s Department Manager for Administrative and Legal affairs. In the specific situation which Polish businesses have found themselves today, digital tools are removing some of the worries for entrepreneurs. ‘If we hadn’t deployed the system along with electronic signatures at the beginning of the year, our current situation would certainly be more stressful and complicated in terms of the formal legal requirements of signing contracts. Presently, thanks to the functionality of our implementation, I am sure that documents will be signed on a regular basis. Having an uninterrupted flow of contracts is a comfortable situation not only from the point of view of the Management Board, but for all of the company’s employees.’ – Artgeist’s Department Manager for Administrative and Legal affairs emphasized.

Smooth flowing business processes are like a river of ambrosia

Unfortunately, where digital workflows have yet to be implemented, there are payment gaps. Money is trapped in accounts, just as employees have been forced to stay at home. In the current quarantine situation, a reduction in the financial health of companies (especially the smallest), may be caused by payment bottlenecks due to the most prosaic reasons. – ‘I have standing orders from institutions that have secured budgets, but what if there is no one on the other side to complete the transfer?’asks Grażyna, freelance translator and editor. It turns out that in some organizations the processes, although digitized, are not connected to each other in a coherent ecosystem. – ‘Theoretically everything works electronically, but you still have to physically go to some department which is, unfortunately, out of operation in the current situation.’ – observes Grażyna, freelance translator and editor.

Digital business means benefits

Artgeist is a clear example of ‘first mover advantage’; by being able to envision the importance of the effective and continuous flow of information, and by acting on that vision, they have secured business continuity in this time of difficulty, and business advantage in the future. Eventually all companies will follow the lead of Artgeist and our other partners, but the clear message is this: sooner is better than later. The digital ecosystem which you can create by using the Amodit platform, combines invoice, contract, correspondence, and order workflows into one coherent whole. The system receives documents and automatically allows them to be processed further by both on-site and remote employees. Setting tasks to be performed on specific documents and notification mechanisms allow you to efficiently manage daily activities. Also, the Amodit platform integrates with a wide range of other standard business applications. The system is easy to use for people who have no experience in designing business processes, and has the flexibility and power to model even the most complex business processes.

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