A blizzard of paper

As a company grows, the number of documents processed increases every day. Contracts, invoices, reports … everything begins to multiply. Managing a growing pile of papers creates considerable challenges for both managers and employees. Even the simplest procedures begin to take up more and more valuable time.

Even in the best organized businesses, from time to time, some paper documents simply disappear. Trying to manage a large number of documents, without an appropriate IT system, leads to organizational chaos which becomes increasingly difficult to control over time. Deadlines for paying invoices, granting appropriate access to information only to properly authorized persons, managing larger, more complex projects  – all this begins to generate increasing costs over time and over scale.

Small businesses must also be aware of the importance of the problems outlined above. Even if the number of documents being processed isn’t overwhelming yet, it is better to be prepared in advance for future growth. It is simpler and cheaper to implement appropriate solutions for facilitating information flow management earlier rather than later. Additionally, establishing procedures for administrative and formal matters at the very beginning of a company’s existence allows those procedures to become part of the foundation of the company throughout its existence.

How to control your documents?

An effective solution used by most mature companies (in a wide variety of industries) is to introduce electronic document workflows. In order to do this an IT system that facilitates electronic document management must be implemented. Let’s look at the most important benefits that companies derive from using such solutions.

Simplified information flow

The basic benefit of using electronic document workflows is the fluidity of information flow between individuals and departments within a company. A uniform system for receiving documents allows you to automatically grant access to the people who need to do further work and processing on them. It also makes it easier to limit permissions to only the proper people.

In this way documents go exactly where they should be, to the desks (or rather computers) of the people who need them. And, thanks to their electronic form, they can reach everyone simultaneously! This leads to another benefit, which is …

Freeing up time

Employees and managers no longer have to waste time on simple, repetitive tasks such as controlling document flow. Therefore, users can focus on processing documents more carefully and making sure everything is done on time.

Additionally, employees can begin working on relevant documents as soon as they are available in the system. This allows you to reduce the type of delays that result from coordinating many people’s work on one document.

Fewer human errors

Because employees are not manually controlling the document flow, you can easily implement work procedures for data processing and documents that are specific to your organization. For example, human errors, such as not paying invoices on time can be eliminated by introducing automatic notifications and reminders of upcoming payment deadlines.

The example of paying invoices can be simplified even more thanks to electronic document workflows. Why not just introduce automatic payments coupled with a system that controls deadlines read directly from electronic documents? It is worth remembering when choosing an electronic document system that it should have the ability to integrate with other systems, for example, through an API.

Organizing documents

By transferring documents to an IT system a lot of time can also be saved by making the viewing and organizing of documents easier. Also, the benefits of searching for a document by its title or a fragment of the text contained within it don’t need to be explained to anyone who has used an internet search engine.

Employees can also have quick and easy access to documents related to a case. For example, before signing a contract with a new customer, employees might have insight into the conversation history or into similar contracts signed in the past.

Additionally, storing documents electronically saves the space they would have taken in paper form. Increased security is another advantage – it’s easier to make digital backups, and even documents that were deleted or damaged can often be recovered if they were stored in electronic form.

Processes acceleration and cost reduction

Two other benefits that logically result from simplified information flow and energized employees are: process acceleration and cost reductions for the company. Administrative support takes less time than with paper documents. In turn, shortening processes allows people to more efficiently use their time.

Which system should you choose?

There are more benefits than those listed above. Above are only the most common benefits of using electronic document workflows. Companies from particular industries also find their own unique benefits from such solutions; which can often be the deciding factor to give them an advantage over their competition.

When choosing the right IT system for electronic document workflows in a company Amodit should be considered due to several key features.

This system has a rich API which opens the possibility of integration with other applications. Therefore, it can easily be integrated with other existing, and potential future, external systems used by companies.

Additionally, Amodit facilitates the automation of processes and document workflow. It also offers notification mechanisms and the ordering of tasks to be performed on specific documents.

Our system is also easy to use for people with no experience in IT. Thanks to this, typical users can create and modify their own processes without needing to consult with specialists on technical issues.

The above are just a few of the many benefits your business can get by using electronic document workflows. Of course, there are many more reasons why you should digitize your business. If you want to learn how our system can improve work in your company we encourage you to talk to one of our sales representatives. You can also download the demo version of our system and learn about its basic functions.

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